In the next nine days, we are invited to reflect on the life of our Co-Founder, Venerable Father Libermann. We seek to learn what the Holy Spirit is willing to teach us through his life and teachings. We shall focus on the call of God to us as a Community vis-a-vis our ministry to the poor. We have our identity as a people called and gathered together by the Holy Spirit with the purpose of following and serving the one Master, Jesus. The reason therefore for our togetherness is divine and not just a human ideology. This fundamental background is at the core for our sharing, support and witness to the world. Fr. Libermann is unequivocal about our call to community life together as he teaches us that; ‘the Missionary commits himself to the Congregation only on the condition of having a community life’. It is the Holy Spirit who gathers, He is the one who creates and make fruitful his presence within us.