Our Superior’s Message

“Let them always be mindful of a great maxim, a fundamental one for all those who wish to work for the glory  of God and the salvation of soul. It is this we must always work for our own sanctification, and that not only by never losing sight of it, but even by making it our only care. As a necessary consequence, all those who work seriously at becoming men of renunciation, interior men, men living only in the love of God, dead to themselves and alive solely and fully to God and God – such never fail to do important and efficacious work for the salvation and sanctification of souls – but their great occupation is their own progress.

They seek only to please their divine and adorable Master, and this with all their power, Hence, they do all that is agreeable to Him and, thereby, while hardly seemly to aim at it, they procure the sanctification of their brethren, with a zeal and efficiency of which many others together would be incapable”

Venerable Francis Libermann