Our Mission

The Spiritans’ main mission was and is still the evangelization of the poor. This entails reaching out to persons and groups who have not yet heard the gospel message and those who have scarcely heard it; to those with great needs, the oppressed and the marginalized. We open heartedly take up missions in difficult places especially areas where the church finds difficulty in getting laborers (seeSpiritan Rule of Life [SRL] No. 4).

We do all works in communion with the local church bearing in mind that the responsibility of continuing Christ’s mission belongs to the local church in each place. We, however, partake in this mission with a great focus and attention to the key church’s concerns such as helping the local church in the universal mission, preaching the gospel and founding new churches, carrying the mission of service and liberation, partaking in the mission of dialogue and finally the mission of inculturation of the gospel message in each local church (see also SRL No. 13).