Our Charism

The Spiritan Charism entails various parameters.  These parameters make us who we are. Some of the features that define Spiritans are as follows: Evangelical Availability. This entails a two dimensional availability, that is, our availability before God as in our personal holiness which provokes us to say “here am I Lord…” The second dimensional availability is our availability before our fellow men. This translates to our response; “here am I Lord send me” because we are sent to our fellow men and women. These two facets of availability are in actual sense the fulfillment of the commandment that calls us to love God and our neighbors.

We find this aspect of availability to be two fold. Thus, it demands an interior union with God through prayer and the second being evangelical poverty. The latter has two faces, that is, material poverty and spiritual poverty. The former is very essential for our detachment attitude and enables us to be familiar with the problems faced by the poor whom we are committed to serving, while the latter demands our constant openness to the dynamic experiences of life at all times of our existence.

The second major aspect of the Spiritan Charism is the attentiveness to the Holy Spirit as he manifests himself in the concrete life situation. This aspect calls us to be detached from the past. This implies that we are always attentive to the present and focusing on concrete life. In being focused on the concrete life, a Spiritan ought to be attentive to what the spirit is saying through a process of discernment of Spirits, to be able to know what really comes from God and what is not from God. This is because not all that was past had no evangelical meaning, and not everything happening in the present time is from God.